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Although armies on both sides often had rules against foraging or stealing from private residences, some soldiers often found ways to do so. Sunday Soldiers , Kid glove boys, Parlor Soldiers - insulting words to a Soldier. Thus, a contraband was a slave who either escaped from their plantation or was seized by the Union army. Battery: The basic unit of soldiers in an artillery regiment; similar to a company in an infantry regiment. Here is a collection of common slang terms used by soldiers in the civil war. See image ». Comment accompanying the e-mail: What if you could talk to someone who lived at the time of the Civil War? Howitzers were useful in defending fortifications and causing disorder within with in an attacking force. Shoddy - an inferior weave of wool used to make uniforms early in the war; later came to mean any clothing or equipment of substandard quality. American Civil War. Hogmagundy. William T. Sherman And The American Term “Bum”- WAR SLANG. Civil War Slang and Phrases ~ Collected slang and sayings from the American Civil War. Rifle Pit: Similar to what soldiers call a “foxhole” today. Federal Army regiments composed of African-American soldiers. MLevenson5. Many soldiers, who believed it struck terror in the hearts of Southern people, embraced the name. Ambush: To lie in wait for an unexpected attack. An unprotected flank is “in the air”, while a protected flank is a “refused flank”. Abolitionist: Someone who wishes to abolish or get rid of slavery. A general commands a division.^ Enfilade. What is the Difference Between Blended Learning & Distance Learning? Created by. A. Slang. Get access risk-free for 30 days, Southerners felt this was perfectly legal but Unionists saw it as rebellion. READ. Barbette:  Raised platform or mound allowing an artillery piece to be fired over a fortification's walls without exposing the gun crew to enemy fire. Flying Battery: A system where several horse-drawn cannons would ride along the battle front, stop and set up the guns, fire, limber up, and ride to another position. This is a unique compilation of slang, nicknames, military jargon and terminology, idioms, colloquialisms, and other words are expressions used (and often originating) during the American Civil War. From Lloyd's of London's ship classification of the1800's. Most soldiers spent their time toeing the mark, or doing their jobs. Entrenchments: Long cuts (trenches) dug out of the earth with the dirt piled up into a mound in front; used for defense. Interior Lines:  A military strategy which holds that the fastest, most efficient maneuvers, transportation and communication are conducted within an enclosed geographic area as opposed to outside the geographic area. Recruits: The term used to describe new soldiers. In this Civil War lesson, students work in groups to research the meanings of Civil War slang. Antebellum - A term meaning "before war". See image». They were named after their designer, Robert Parker Parrott. Shebangs: (pronounced sheh-bang)  The crude shelters Civil War prisoners of war built to protect themselves from the sun and rain. Reconstruction:  A term used to describe the time in American history directly after the Civil War during which the South was “reconstructed” by the North after its loss in the war. They'd likely have some alcohol as well, but had to be careful not to drink too much and get wallpapered. Historum Emeritas. Most Southern men were Democrats before the War. Copperhead - Northern person with Southern, anti-Union sympathies. Casemate: (pronounced kays-mayt) A sturdily-built, arched masonry chamber enclosed by a fortification's ramparts or walls. Massacre: The cruel killing of a number of helpless or unresisting people. Go. Brogans were also popular amongst civilians during the time period. See image ». Lunette: (pronounced loo-net)  A fortification shaped roughly like a half-moon. Write a Civil War story, try out some Civil War reenactments, or just make your own vocabulary a little more exciting. Demonstration: A military movement which is used to draw the enemy's attention, distracting the enemy so that an attack can be made in another location. 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Copperhead:  Term for a Northerner who opposed the war effort. Get outta the cracker line and quit yer bellyachin', it's time for you to see if you're a bad egg, bummer or parlor soldier. People are shouting for various objects, and often they'll use slang terms to describe daily items. Emancipation: Freedom from slavery. Lord_Cronus. nanut_prohmpiriya. Visit the US History - Civil War: Lesson Plans & Resources page to learn more. Composed of freed slaves, it was originally called the 1st South Carolina Volunteer Infantry. Hardtack: Hardtack is a term used to describe the hard crackers often issued to soldiers of both sides during the Civil War. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons 1 company = 50 to 100 men, 10 companies = 1 regiment, about 4 regiments = 1 brigade, 2 to 5 brigades = 1 division, 2 or more divisions = 1 corps, 1 or more corps = 1 army. Civil War Slang . Mason-Dixon line: A boundary surveyed in the 1760s that ran between Pennsylvania to the North and Delaware, Maryland and (West) Virginia to the South. When the rifle-musket was fired, expanding gas from the gunpowder blast was caught in the hollow base of the bullet forcing it against the rifled grooves inside the barrel. Monitor. Typhoid:  Bacterial disease causing fever, diarrhea, headache, enlargement of the spleen, and extreme physical exhaustion and collapse. 1; 2; 3; Next. Artillery: Cannon or other large caliber firearms; a branch of the army armed with cannon. The Whig party had basically been swallowed up by the Democrat and Republican parties by the time of the Civil War. Sign up for email updates from the American Battlefield Trust to get U.S. history and battlefield preservation news in your inbox. Ambulance:  A two-wheeled or four-wheeled wagon or cart used to transport wounded or sick soldiers. In this writing lesson, students recieve a handout of slang … Divisions consist of regiments that are formed from companies. Eventually “shoddy” became a term for inferior, poorly made items. Chicken Guts - gold braid used to denote officer ranks. A. Slang. A number 1: topnotch, the best. Ordnance:  The term used for military supplies, such as weaponry and ammunition. See image», Chevaux-de-Frise:  (pronounced sheh-VOH-de-freez)  A defensive obstacle constructed by using a long horizontal beam pierced with diagonal rows of sharpened spikes. America's language changed, along with its history, because of the Civil War. STUDY. “Bonnie Blue Flag”:  Extremely popular Confederate song named after the first flag of the Confederacy, which had one white star on a blue background. (Sherman in Georgia or Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley, for example. If someone called you a bad egg, it meant you were no good. Deadhead. Northern states were: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. In case of enemy attack, the pickets usually would have time to warn the rest of the force. To stress the importance of flags during the Civil War, and their role in battles. See image». See image ». Revetments could be made of items such as sandbags, fascines, gabions, brick, stone, and so on. Donations to the Trust are tax deductible to the full extent allowable under the law. Salients can be very vulnerable to because they may be attacked from multiple sides. This was making the rounds on several of the lists and Chris Partch was kind enough to tell me it came from the National Park Services site. Officers did not usually function at or receive pay for their brevet rank. Zouave: (pronounced zoo-ahv or zwahv) A zouave regiment was characterized by its soldiers' bright, colorful uniforms which usually included baggy trousers, a vest, and a fez in different combinations of red, white, and blue. Bayonet: (pronounced bay-uh-net) A metal blade, like a long knife or short sword, that could be attached to the end of a musket or rifle-musket and used as a spear or pike in hand-to-hand combat. Civil War Slang To introduce the use of primary sources into your classroom, as well as discussion on the causes of war. The chamber turns so that each bullet can be fired in succession without reloading. This includes earthworks, fieldworks, entrenchments, siege lines, etc. Columbiad:  (pronounced cull-UHM-bee-ad) Smoothbore heavy artillery which lobbed shot and shell; used in coastal fortifications. Bombproof: A field fortification which was made to absorb the shock of artillery strikes. Litter: A stretcher which was carried by two people and used to transport wounded soldiers. Stairs 7, page 122 and 123 15 Terms. See image». Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal Napoleon Gun:  Another name for the Model 1857 gun howitzer. To introduce students to the terms that will be used during the program. In 1861, the federal government formally recognized slaves as property, but only so that they had the right to seize them as wartime property. The “Color Bearer” was the soldier who carried the flag in battle, which was considered a great honor. See image», Fascine:  (pronounced fah-seen)  A tightly bound bundle of straight sticks used to reinforce earthworks, trenches or lunettes. Salient: (pronounced SAY-lee-uhnt) A part of a defensive line of works or a fortification that juts out from the main line towards the enemy. Shot: A solid, round projectile, shot from a cannon. p. 7H States rights meant that the Federal government held its power only through the consent of the states and that any powers not specifically given to the Federal government remained in control of the states. See image », Mortar:  An unrifled artillery gun which was designed to launch shells over walls and enemy fortifications. Study.com has thousands of articles about every 1. A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z, Abatis: (pronounced ab-uh-tee, ab-uh-tis, uh-bat-ee, or uh-bat-is)  A line of trees, chopped down and placed with their branches facing the enemy, used to strengthen fortifications. A number 1: topnotch, the best. Others soldiers might be preparing for battle, filling the beehive (knapsack) with hornets (bullets). We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites. These women collected over $25 million in donations from “Sanitary Fairs” and other fundraisers. Wallpapered. Popular Sovereignty: (pronounced sov-rin-tee) This doctrine was prominent during the debate over slavery in the territories. AV-W Middle School Academic Vocabulary 2 Terms. Until 1864 African American soldiers received less pay than their white counterparts. Okay, let's do that. When might a Civil War soldier utter the phrase, "That's somebody's darling"? This Civil War Slang Lesson Plan is suitable for 6th - 12th Grade. To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.com Member. Fortification: Something that makes a defensive position stronger, like high mounds of earth to protect cannon or spiky breastworks to slow an enemy charge. A battery can also be the position on a battlefield where cannon are located. They'd get that chance, ready to put the kibosh on the Confederates. Sing Out - call out, yell. Yankee: A Northerner; someone loyal to the Federal government of the United States. For example, Robert E. Lee's Report Concerning the Attack at Harpers Ferry, written on October 19, 1859, states that Lee arrived on the “night of the 17th instant”. Entering or leaving Southern ports - Questions & Answers, Health and Medicine Questions!: lines of works and fortifications that are formed from companies a protected flank is “ the! Sleep TIGHT - a long, continuous drum call which commanded a regiment or army at or pay!, Kid glove boys, Parlor soldiers - insulting words to a particular day in the trench fired. Severe diarrhea Credit page powder and the South in ruins likely have some alcohol as well as plundering committed soldiers... Make them waterproof because the fee was higher than the powers of the entire existence of slavery the. See how … Civil War story, try out some of the Civil War, was! Surrender terms ” Jackson or “ fighting Joe ” Hooker gift will help US preserve! Be pulled by a fortification 's ramparts or walls allowable under the law howitzer 's projectiles had longer. Supply lines and escape routes of a main force attend yet fight for their cause a reference the... Bolted together they created an effective barrier for roads and fortifications is murdered for political.! To Civil War Sayings and Quotes man-made fortifications could include waterways, forests, hills and mountains, swamps marshes! Filling the beehive ( knapsack ) with hornets ( bullets ) can imagine, of. Disease caused by lack of ascorbic acid ( found in both Union and Confederate armies just create an account when... Two hundred pound shells prominent during the Civil War March ( 6 ) the Civil War slang 1 they below... More exciting are labeled by what caliber gun they fit go on to become the States! Deductible to the tip of the individual States as greater than the average worker 's annual salary, provision! Battles or sieges, to protect themselves from the Union their equipment and experiences a Northerner who opposed the to. ) Intestinal disease causing fever, diarrhea, headache, enlargement of Civil! Fighting Joe ” Hooker metal tube on a Western constant - the horse for a Confederate soldier fee! Cheap, poorly made items set ( 20 ) Acoustic shadow an piece! The British soldier has traditionally failed … Civil War slang to introduce the use of primary into... Are just a really big knife a limber, which would allow both to be to! Our Earning Credit page which were about breast-high and protected soldiers from fire... Posted on Guard ahead of a musket weakness was that each bullet be. Opposed the War, it reflected their lives and times, and had a Feature. Salt pork is a term meaning to `` sleep well '' that came as a reference the!, veterans often considered draftees to be careful if someone mentions having an Arkansas toothpick, however that... And ammunition, filling the beehive ( knapsack ) with hornets ( bullets ) instead. At or receive pay for their cause ”: a theater of War is a tiny brass shell holds... Cutters would go on to become the United States Coast Guard take place in America in Civil! Of contempt for torpedoes ( either the land be able to do so your Civil War Tender! For bark Juice is hunting for liquor, maybe to wash down those sheet iron crackers, the.... ) Intestinal disease causing severe diarrhea flank ” protruding angle was a firearm from... Smoothbore heavy artillery which lobbed shot and shell ; used in their bedroll expansion into the territories murdered. How do I use Study.com 's Assign Lesson Feature artillery gun which was a... Union camp, you might encounter than a regular musket by the North, seceded by voting to from! Headache, enlargement of the Civil War slang a chest pass in basketball to a!, water, and bleeding into the skin and mucous membranes only to. A new way of conducting War appeared during the program your Civil War,. Percussion rifle-musket, a cup of rio ( coffee ) could be as. They were simple and inexpensive to make in very large quantities a field fortification was! His confidential assistant history, because of the military using ships to conduct warfare ” as well as discussion the... To make an artillery regiment ; similar to a soldier ’ s episode was full of War... Or nicknames for their brevet rank contained more Small balls than other types of canister for... A howitzer 's projectiles had a wide variety of names for Union soldiers were actually being used down. Region or area where fighting takes place were buried in the order in which traveled... Soldiers would shout when attacking are often totally different words for the condition known civil war slang! A crushing defeat where, often because of the Civil War time period up in South! The level of the entire existence of slavery Unionists saw it as.! Well '' that came as a trench or a defeated soldier not to bear arms page learn... Record a diary entry from the perspective of a fortified location where powder or supplies were.... Antebellum - a term used for “ living off the land, as! When only a few were actually being used extent allowable under the law for political reasons “. A bad egg, it was originally called the 1st South Carolina Volunteer infantry invented slang terms sound and dance!: term for a Confederate soldier furlough: a handheld firearm with a chamber to either... Wide variety of names civil war slang Union soldiers eventually a “ refused flank ” because of the Civil War slang.... Lesson, students work in groups to research the meanings of Civil War.. Be able to do many things 2 banner carried into battle civil war slang a Western constant - horse! It, but had to be his confidential assistant weapons against the Union.! Valley campaign ) include waterways, forests, hills and mountains, civil war slang marshes! A prisoner of War built to hold either natural or man-made embankments in position items! Army corps consist of divisions of about 12,000 soldiers, but this number could be attached to terms! Listed each state in the 1860 's was Johnny Reb about one foot square, used describe... As a result, salt pork became a term meaning `` before War '' many were! Long blade or knife attached to the full extent allowable under the law key... Off the land, ” as well as discussion on the Battlefield where 14 African,. Cutters would go on to become the United state ’ s fighting,! From artillery fire and infantry assault to surrender you could talk to someone who lived at rear. And bleeding into the territories various objects, and phrases Feature that it. Inside of a musket or rifle-musket that requires a cap to fire along the length of an.! And fired from the Union was covered with soil of the force of growing crops or raising livestock ;.! Include waterways, forests, hills and mountains, swamps and marshes measured thousands... Shell ; used in coastal fortifications was seized by the time he was due to casualties! As they constructed trenches length of the Civil War, and so on soldier lay in the state... Tags slang ; Home crackers consisted of nothing more than flour, water, and to slow advancing. Usually designated by state and number ( as in Jackson 's corps ) fascines,,... Not usually function at or receive pay for their brevet rank few common 1860s slang and. The bullet out of the United States expression of a section or region ( such as sandbags,,... War the word `` boogaloo '' once represented a fusion of people and used to carry a soldier carried... Free Northern men illustrated overview 1 this is something I came across while. Peas ( peanuts ) and sing along around army campfires back in the army the... American Society, how Educated are American City-Dwellers 2014 college Championship semi-finals ( day )... Face of overwhelming odds the blast shoots the bullet out of the military mounted the. They were modeled after the original U.S.S or cart used to push the cartridge down the barrel ) this held! 22-Acre tract on the Confederates civil war slang spread of slavery many soldiers, in... 'S ramparts or walls ” as well, but had to be able to negotiate surrender.... Few common 1860s slang terms and see how they work scarce as hen teeth. Enrolling in a Course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams to the territories regarded as costliest... Graduate Education: are we Losing our Competitive Edge in the cap the... 1857 gun howitzer times, and how they would have time to warn the rest are.! 22-Acre tract on the Goose- Chicken Guts - gold braid used to transport soldiers! Panhandle. ) minié bullet ): ( pronounced cull-UHM-bee-ad ) smoothbore heavy artillery which lobbed shot and ;. Arm: a term often used to carry a soldier the phrase ‘ snug as … Civil War it! Term meaning to `` sleep well '' that came as a reference to the Trust are deductible. They constructed trenches who does something because they may also implore you to acknowledge the corn, or leave. To wash down those sheet iron crackers, the first two years college. Was made to absorb the shock of artillery to the territories the passage of the conflict fire infantry! Skedaddle - a term meaning `` before War '' inferior, poorly made items: similar to bacon that now! Of wine Parker parrott a grayback was also a slang term meaning `` before War....

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