basset hound aggressive behavior

My basset hound (6 months old) acts out when I leave the house and don't take him with me. Basset Hound is not an aggressive breed of dog. He and his sister have been raised the same, and I'm hoping getting him neutered will stop the behavior. Unfortunately, many guardians believe the plump appearance of the Basset Hound is a tender trait which should be encouraged. Basset Hound. Basset Hound Puppies for Sale. Read Also: Best Indoor Dog Potties for your dog in 2020. Any thoughts or suggestions would really be appreciated!!! Basset Hound. This Bassett Hound behavior is due more to the fact that they were bred to hunt independently of commands than a general lack of attention or intelligence. They are not aggressive to … We are getting ready to adopt a bassett who has history of nipping. He has never been neglected, abused, or mistreated in any way. I have no idea why, i don't treat him any differently to my other dog, which is a very gentle well behaved 2 year old German shepherd. He gets angry when we don’t let him go somewhere with us or when he has done something wrong. As time went by, and we coped with his growling & snarling @ us when something didn't suit him; but, then, he actually attacked my son who was attempting to groom him. I am interested in knowing what the outcome of this post is! I'm heartbroken. They will feed on their mother’s milk to develop their body physically and neurologically. However, for adult Basset Hounds or those whom do not seem to stop biting as they mature; sufficient socialization and obedience training with positive reinforce techniques are advised. These events are great for your dog but be aware that it will take some patient training to get them to that level. Controlling a dog’s aggressive behavior is a challenging for most people. Basset Hounds are not aggressive dogs, as a whole, and are quite docile. Dog aggression is any behavior meant to intimidate or harm a person or another animal. Then all of the sudden he sounded like he was in a fight. We've had our basset boy for 2 years now and was very close to my husband but since last night he growls or nips at my husband if he tell him not to do something or pushes him off me not jump or if he reprimands him. The Basset Hound is extremely affectionate, calm and devoted and is often the first choice for people with children and pets. It's just that most families with a Basset Hound know that they are their own dog. I haven't had many problems with his adjustment, and I would say 99% of the time, he is the most wonderful, cuddly, docile ball of love in the world. Some dogs are naturally mean-tempered and aggressive, while others like the Basset Hound are friendly and even-tempered. It breaks my heart. Basset Hounds can't provide protection for their territory. I just put him on his pen (thankfully he loves beef sticks)and leave him there for several hours until he gets past his psychotic episode. We were making great progress but unfortunately he died while being neutered at 18 months old, never really found out the reason he died. A happy, go-lucky and loving dog, the Basset Hound is a short and heavy-set dog that grows to 15 inches tall in adulthood. It's better to leave them out from the duty of protection your valuables and property. We hired a personal dog trainer to work with us, it was well worth the cost of approx $300. PLEASE READ!! The Basset Hound is extremely affectionate, calm and devoted and is often the first choice for people with children and pets. Not receiving enough love and attention is the biggest trigger for Basset Hounds to become aggressive. This is bizarre , scary and heart breaking. Potential injuries : When they live and play outside, they are more prone to injury, and other joint problems. There are several tendencies and traits that make this breed such an excellent choice of dog. They were part of a selective breeding to produce dogs that are low in height and slow in movement. Or at least, the Basset Hound perceives they are not getting enough attention. Some owners of Basset Hounds have reported that their dog will become aggressive, showing signs of barking, nipping, and biting. It’s a great opportunity to work with your Basset Hound and form a bond and trust between you. It may be worse next time! If raised improperly and not socialized at a young age, dachshunds can become aggressive or fearful. If you plan on leaving a dog alone for an extended period, then perhaps a Basset Hound is not for you. I dont want to get rid of him but I am just about to that point!! We have 2 other older dogs, females, a Golden and a Pomeranian. How? Overall, Basset Hounds are a dog breed that is very docile and laid back, never letting anything bother them, and will look for a change of scenery if they start to get bothered. This is due to not knowing or understanding love and affection, and being taught how to act properly. Do basset hounds bite? The best advice to prevent aggression in Basset Hounds is to get them socialized and into training straight away and provide them with a loving home. Not that they need a lot of exercise before they get tired. Do Basset Hound bite humans? Basset Hound puppies, along with most other dog breeds, explore the world through their mouths. While Bassett Hounds have the reputation of being lazy due to their predisposition towards lounging about, they are in fact not lazy dogs. You may observe an increase in biting during this phase of life. Another basset’s behavior is common for all dogs which they will nip and bite sometimes especially during play, so you can expect this to happen with your Basset Hound. He just bit me last night ! And the last thing is he is very cute and that makes people attracted to him. Basset Hounds are hunters, and like many hunting breeds, they can have an independent and stubborn streak in them. I have a male basset 8 mths in age and he is very aggressive with us also biting! Basset hound puppies care, guide, facts and information on puppy trainings, grooming, health, basset hound rescue with pictures and photos about the dog breed. Basset Hounds have an easy-going, laid back temperament, and it takes a lot to rile them up. Physically, Basset Hounds are known for their long, droopy ears, and what appears to be a long droopy frown. How? He had always suffered from separation anxiety; but, had never shown signs of aggressiveness. Basset Hounds only need a moderate amount of exercise, but if you are finding that your dog is acting up at all, provide them with both physical and mental stimulation. You can also create fun games with them, taking a favorite food of theirs, and creating a bit of a game of hide and seek for them. The Basset Hound puppies are born with their eyes and ears totally sealed. A novice or … We will help answer any questions that you may have and provide as much information and research that we can to help you take the best care of your pet. The Basset Hound is also commonly known as the “Hush Puppy." American Foxhound is a hound breed of dog that was developed in the United States. Feel everyone's pain & anguish over having a Basset Hound who becomes aggressive. Possible reasons a Basset Hound may be barking all the time can be categorized into three types of communication. I turned to get away from him and he jumped up and bit my hand. It's not that Basset Hounds aren't capable of expending a lot of energy. He acts out if I pay attention to our Labrador (who is 12 years old. I think he was neutered rather late. These tend to be relatively mild, whereas some owners may not even see these as aggressive behaviors at all. His aggression is spontanious and there is no set trigger. However, prospective owners should research the health and behavioral problems common to bassets before deciding to make one their pet. Exercise Requirements for a Basset Hound. The Basset Hound has more bones in its body than any other dog and it is thus, necessary to keep them from jumping or becoming too active as this might only lead them to become crippled and even turn them into bow-legged animals. I was holding my feet out so he couldn't bite me. This is so their owners can follow them on foot instead of riding a horse. While Basset Hounds may be on guard in the home and alert you to anyone that comes near, they are not guard dogs. If your Basset Hound is aggressive, this may be because of fear. When inside, Basset Hounds will tend to be lazy and not move around too much, but once they are outside, they become alert and aware. Aggressive behavior in a Basset Hound? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to And when we try to put him in his crate he will full on go in attack mode!! I have a 3 year old Basset Hound that doesn't listen to me. How do we fix this? I’ve been bitten several times. While most are laid back, they can be aggressive. You may have to take your dog to an expert; an animal behavioral specialist or specialist trainer if biting does not subside through your own efforts. A bored, untrained dachshund will become destructive. The Basset Hound responds well to other animals, but male Basset Hounds can be aggressive to other male dogs. I would advise any puppy owner that you need to show you ARE THE BOSS, and that may take a swat across the head. my dog (ginger) is usually a well mannerd dog and is trained recently she has began to be bad (jumping on table,stealing things) she is 3 years old (born November 20th) and is a female basset hound i am wondering why she is doing this and what i … You most likely won’t be able to train a Basset Hound to stay off your couch when you aren’t home, but you can train them to stay off the couch while you eat. But before you get into figuring his behavior out, first [Is It Safe To Provide? If your Basset Hound has a nuisance barking and howling issue, you need to find the reason and triggers for the behavior. The Basset Hounds are known for their calm and patient temperament. 257 stitches & 3 plastic surgeries later. Basset hound black Lab mix puppies are guaranteed to be high-shedders, regardless of whether they inherit the Labrador’s double-coat or the Basset’s short and smooth coat.

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