can you laser cut polycarbonate

浙B2-20120091. And yes, it specifies that polycarbonate CAN be laser cut. RE: What plastics can be laser cut, without releasing toxic fumes? Our laser engraver does the same thing. Alipay Plastics can be marked or engraved with lasers in a variety of ways. Source: I laser cut and waterjet stuff everyday for my research work. Jesse: About half of the people answered that it worked fine, so on, blah blah blah, but a noticeable amount of the forum users talked about discoloration problems and even some form of Chlorine Gas release (Highly Toxic). Cutting polycarbonate is no easy feat: This durable material can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure and takes more than a sharp blade to cut through. Consider PETG as an alternative, perhaps? Factory Direct Sales 3mm PC Sheet 10years Warranty Thailand Transparent Polycarbonate, U-Lock System Hollow Sun Sheet Polycarbonate, High-quality high-performance polycarbonate honeycomb hollow plate, Fashion style whole riot helmet made of polycarbonate anti fog film, Purify 100% New polycarbonate 10 years Colored PC Sheet, anti static polycarbonate sheet polycarbonate sheets for sale, clear laser cutting portable polycarbonate student desk shield sheet, garden greenhouse polycarbonate hollow polycarbonate plates. haha yeah I figured you guys were I’m pretty sure we were allianced at US Nationals during the Gateway Season (I was 323B). We’ve been using our engraver to cut polycarbonate for a year. We cut polycarbonate sheet to size using a circular saw and a CNC router. The lexan we buy comes with plastic on both sides so we leave it on while cutting then take the plastic sheets off and the lexan is spotless. For anyone who may care, I tried cutting with a handheld jigsaw, and it actually worked even better than expected, even though I only had a wood bit available. Optimum thickness depends on the laser wattage and what collimating lens you use. Polycarbonate sheet can be cut with industrial cutting lasers however, edges may become amber or brown when laser cut and a clean edge is difficult to obtain. Also, it is easier to get the start right on the line if you do the first inch or so with a handsaw. This swarf will often cling to the sheet due to static charge and can be difficult to remove. It’s so much cleaner than a hacksaw Water-jets work on lexan correct? Very thin polycarbonate can be cut, but tends to discolor badly. A fume hood never hurt anybody… or just keep your work area well ventilated. Yes, it's free! You can make fines cuts on polycarbonate sheeting. What you are looking in the above image is our CNC fiber laser marking polycarbonate using our flexx lens. In fact, some laser cutters are not able to cut it because it ruins the lens and requires frequent stopping and cleaning. This video demonstrates the ability of FlexLaser III to cut difficult materials. He told me about it today and I wanted to get some more info on it because I want to implement it on our robot next year. The only disadvantage is the price goes from the cost of energy to the cost of sand (non-zero). I imagine they were using different thickness/brand/whatever, but I just wanted to check to see if it was safe with the Vex community who has experience with this sort of matter. haha yeah I figured you guys where I’m pretty sure we were allianced at US Nationals during the Gateway Season (I was 323B). We’re not supposed to laser cut polycarbonate/lexan on ours at UBC, but it’s enclosed with a vent, so I think it’s more an awful smell than extremely dangerous. You guys were fun to work with, and I hope to talk at Worlds (and Open). (only 1 item per team, if that). 3) Can I get precise cuts on thick polycarbonates using a laser cutter? JINBAO manufacturer anti UV polycarbonate sheet Colorful 2mm 6mm 8mm 10mm Acrylic laser Cutting 4ft x8ft Acrylic Sheet, Chinese supplier of polycarbonate anti riot shield for riot control. Do you need it fast? PM him and I’m sure he can give you good information. I’m a mechanical engineer with robotics now…should change my signature. There are a whole host of materials that a CO2 laser cutter can cut, etch or mark – but some – due to the material surface reflection – just won’t work (aluminum is an example). About 32% of these are laser cutting machines, 11% are plastic sheets, and 1% are sun sheets & pc embossed sheets. Does anyone know how well cutting with a hand held jigsaw works? The ones I’ve seen normally have a big ol’ exhaust tube to the roof or a filter system. ,ltd, is a professional manufacturer of polycarbonate sheet series more than 10 years. Circular saws, band saws and jigsaws and are all suitable but for small jobs a fine-toothed hacksaw is easy recommended. We’ve changed numbers multiple times since then… I’m kind of surprised you remembered! Contact us now to see how we can help you with your Laser Design project. You should probably verify though that they are the correct and up to date versions. I thought I was the same year as you: 2nd year (Engineering Physics, Mechatronics). While other materials can be extremely hazardous to either humans or the machine itself (like PVC and ABS). If I can find someone to do laser cutting, I want to do that. offers 805 can you laser cut polycarbonate products. Onetouch The 1.06 micron wavelength Fiber laser beam creates an opaque black mark with a high level of detail. If the laser was mounted vertically and there is sufficient extraction with filtration, you could cut a brick of yellow cake. Still, I wouldn’t really chance it. I'm using an Epilog Helix laser to cut and engrave plastic. Polycarbonate tends to discolor with laser cutting. As I understand it, it isn’t so much that the fumes are particularly hazardous to humans (laser cutters … Because polycarbonate is one of our laser cutting materials, whatever you choose to use it for, we can cut it for you cleanly and accurately to suit your needs. Storage and Maintenance Polycarbonate sheet are delivered with a polyethylene protection film on both side. ABS Emits cyanide gas and tends to melt ABS does not cut well in a laser cutter. NAME: PC SUN SHEET/ POLYCABONATE SIZE: THICKNESS: 4-14MM LENGTH: ACCORDING TO CUSTOMER'S REQUIREMENTS WIDTH: 2.1M STANDING COLOUR: CLEAR/ OPAL/ LAKE BLUE/ SAPPHIRE BLUE/ GRASS GREEN/ BROWN TIME THICKNESS WIDTH LENGTH WEIGHT/SQM CAPACITY/20GP CAPACITY/40HQ 3YEARS 6mm 2100mm 6000mm 750g 416PCS/5.8M/3.8T 946PCS/5.9M/8.79T 8mm 2100mm 6000mm 1050g 311PCS/5.8M/3.98T 708PCS/5.9M/9.21T 10mm 2100mm 6000mm 1200g 248PCS/5.8M/3.63T 564PCS/5.9M/8.39T 5YEARS 6mm 2100mm 6000mm 900g 410PCS/5.8M/4.56T 932PCS/5.9M/10.55T 8mm 2100mm 6000mm 1200g 307PCS/5.8M/4.55T 700PCS/5.9M/10.53T 10mm 2100mm 6000mm 1400g 246PCS/5.8M/4.23T 560PCS/5.9M/9.78T 10YEARS 6mm 2100mm 6000mm 1100g 410PCS/5.8M/5.50T 932PCS/5.9M/12.70T 8mm 2100mm 6000mm 1350g 307PCS/5.8M/5.05T 700PCS/5.9M/11.71T 10mm 2100mm 6000mm 1600g 246PCS/5.8M/4.8T 560PCS/5.9M/11.1T, Can be customized in various colors 3mm polycarbonate sheet, laser cutter 1300x1000 Acrylic PMMA sheets Polycarbonate sheets, Polycarbonate Shield For Table Acrylic Shield Table Divider, Transparent strengthen solid laser engravable High Temperature Resistance Durable PC Plastic Sheet, customized dimenions pc board with countersunk holes polycarbonate 6 mm, Polycarbonate Sheet crystal high-quality low price colored polycarbonate clear pc solid sheet, Polycarbonate hollow sheet manufacture color and length can be customized, decorative wall panels interior polycarbonate decoration board, Plastic Folding Table Clear Shield Sneeze Screen Acrylic Polycarbonate PET Shield For Table, clear transparent anti scratch polycarbonate 0.1 mm 0.2mm, Factory Price 0.25mm 0.5mm 0.7mm 1mm 1.5mm Mirrored Plastic Polycarbonate Sheet Flexible Super Thin Pc Mirror Sheet, Custom cut abrasion-resistant pc polycarbonate solid sheets sizes low price, Top manufacturer anti riot shield 4x8 plastic sheet lowes 2mm thick polycarbonate for greenhouse, 100% Newmaterial new polycarbonate 10 years colored PC Sheet, U-lock pc hollow u-shaped polycarbonate transparent sheet, 100% Bayer or Sabic Resin PC Polycarbonate Colored Multiple Twin Wall Hollow Sheet 4mm6mm8mm10mm12mm14mm16mm, Site: International - Español - Português - Deutsch - Français - Italiano - हिंदी - Pусский - 한국어 - 日本語 - اللغة العربية - ภาษาไทย - Türk - Nederlands - tiếng Việt - Indonesian - עברית, AliExpress The thinner the sheet you are cutting, the better the cutting results you will obtain. Both materials cut well with a band saw or table saw using a high speed with small teeth. The below table details which plastics can be laser marked and / or cut. Here’s a document on different ways to cut polycarbonate . Water jets work on EVERYTHING, so go nuts. Applicable Laser Processes for Polycarbonate (If you do it faster, you might also have to cut it a few times before it goes through), Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Extremely thin sheets (0.5mm and less) may cut with yellowed/discolored edges. With the parallel use of CO | But when I look at service provider’s sites, many of them refuse to cut polycarbonate due to the fumes. It tends to melt rather than vaporize, and has a higher chance of catching on fire and leaving behind melted gooey deposits on the vector cutting grid. We can go smaller (see cut width image above) but this can make your components quite fragile which might not be suitable for the application. You can get a very clean edge on acrylic by lasercutting it. Cutting: Thin sheets of polycarbonate can be cut with our CO2 laser systems, but the material tends to discolor when heated by the laser beam.

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