denon dht s716h vs sonos arc

How to apply one coat of Bonaseal followed by two coats of Mega or Traffic. It is called Jura dore. And, bear in mind that you would usually screen or buff the floor first. Last week, i asked a few questions on this board. That sounds like it’s a different issue related t drying/curing which can happen when the temperature/humidity is not well regulated in the home. Will it discolour the floor in any way. Some shoes can damage wood floors. Bona Traffic provides a clear, non-yellowing finish with exceptional durability. i have oak floors that are 76 years old and sanded/refinished once in 1991 with a satin oil based polyurethane. Since searching I have discovered there is Silkmatt and Gloss. It seems that the flooring guy used an out of date product and didn’t sieve it like a sticking. Recoating involves superficial sanding with Bona FlexiSand 1.9 and Bona Diamond Abrasives for a perfectly smooth surface, followed by application of Bona Traffic HD or Bona Pure, for outstanding durability. But, I did just respond to your question about 15 minutes ago. So, 24 hrs before walking on the floors (socks only – no shoes, no bare feet), 3 days before moving furniture back and 2 weeks for area rugs and dogs. I suppose you could, but I would only do 1 more coat. Many thanks. But, I’m not sure how these work w/ oiled floors, so definitely call Bona and the manufacturer. 2. I’m just trying to catch up now,and I still have another 20-25 questions to go. I guess I was trying to ask if we could use the Bona traffic hd over existing minwax poly we already applied. Sorry about that. They also sometimes react with poly. Period. Now, one tiny downside of the Bona traffic is that is may show slightly more of a difference in color between the new and old wood vs. oil based. The industry's premium waterborne, commercial and residential hardwood floor finish for durability and beauty. Scott – It’s perfectly fine to use Bona Traffic HD. It is true that there are some contractors who prefer water based because they can complete the job a bit sooner, but the main benefit for that is for the customer, not the contractor. If you haven’t applied the paint yet, I would rethink that one. I’m desperate to get a quick solution. The building has four floors and two of these have wooden floors. Significantly outperforms all urethane finishes, including Bona Traffic, in durability at 24 hours Unsurpassed scuff, scratch and chemical resistance at full cure Very low VOCs - less than 125 Very low odor Clear and colorlesss, which highlights the true color of stained or natural wood floors. Bona Traffic HD® is for hardwood floor owners with an uncompromising attitude towards durability, being green and looking beautiful. Now, other water based polyurthanes are generally less durable than oil based poly. Please help. Some shoes can damage wood floors. The curing process for water borne poly can take up to 2 weeks pending on the humidity levels and air circulation.  (Note: this is twice as fast as oil based poly).  For this reason, I would recommend waiting 2 weeks before adding area rugs to the floor or letting your dog walk on the floor.  For all you dog lovers out there (and I’m part of this group), I’d highly recommend doggie socks for your furry friend during this time. I was wondering if you could give me a hand and assist me in making a decision. But, even with natural, the poly won’t penetrate properly. That is the same as 3 coats of poly. When the process is followed correctly, Bona’s guarantee will cover the cost of sanding and finishing the floor if the finish doesn’t adhere to the floor. At NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, I will earn a small commission, if you purchase them. I've used Bona & Loba. Please note that these are products I know/use and recommend to my customers. Bona says two, at a spread rate of 350 ft. per gallon but many pros, myself included, find that an impossible rate to obtain and usually get about 500 ft per gallon. I don’t know what multiple compounds means, but hopefully this helps. We also have 2 large dogs..will one type show more scratches than the other? See this article for more info on machines you need.

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